Odyssey Gaming

Our History

Odyssey can trace its history back to 2011 when DC Universe Online launched. There, a group of players decided they wanted more out of their gaming experience. Their unifying goals? Be the best players they can, dominate content, and find ways to give back to the community.

Since that time, Odyssey has seen many changes. The league, once a core group of players based in Europe and playing DCUO, is now a spread across multiple continents and has enjoyed numerous games together.

The ideals the league was founded upon still hold true today. We strongly believe in being at the forefront of content — mechanics, tactics and/or loadouts — so we can actively help ourselves and fellow players excel. We have produced numerous guides, commentaries, updates, tips, videos, and illustrations and were even immortalised in DCUO by having a feat named after us as a consequence of our contributions.

We are highly approachable players, so if you would like to join us for some content, please feel free to get in touch.

Our Games

DC Universe Online

Destiny 2